Cheer dance

Cheer dance is a sport that exudes the energy and spectacle of competitive cheerleading. As the name implies, dance teams focus on practicing dance technique. The rehearsals include versatile dance technique, jumps, stretching, bounce technique, acrobatics and small dance lifts. In competitions, dance includes fast-paced, technique-demanding performances that combine different styles. 

  • The competition program of the series must include versatile and demanding dance techniques, such as pirouettes, cheer and dance jumps, pom technique typical of cheer dance (motions) and various flexibility elements. Small dance lifts are also allowed in the series 
  • The judging criteria in the competitions include technical difficulty, versatility of choreography, speed and purity of performance 
  • The duration of the program is max 2.15 minutes and the series is competed on a 14 m x 16 m parquet or dance surface 
  • Team size max. 24 persons + substitutes
  • In addition, the performance must use the whirlpools characteristic of the species 
  • In addition to the obligatory movements, good choreography includes a lot of pattern changes, different dance styles and fast-paced and athletic dance, not forgetting empathy and showmanship