What does the hobby cost? 

The membership fee is the same for all athletes. The training fee is determined by the level of the team. The amounts of the fees are decided at the regular meetings of the Society. The amounts of the current year’s fees can be found here. In addition, each hobbyist must obtain either the insurance offered by the federation or their own, which covers possible accidents. 

What do you need to know in advance? 

In hobby-level groups, you don’t need to know anything beforehand. A brisk and cheerful mood, as well as enthusiasm to learn new things, is enough! During the exercises, you will learn all the necessary skills. 

Which team do I train with? 

There are hobby teams for new enthusiasts, from which you can later aspire to join our club’s competitive teams as you gain skills. If you already have a background in the sport, don’t hesitate to contact the competition teams in your age group. 

Does everyone have to go to amateur teams? 

Hobby teams practice the basics of the sport safely, which make it easier to learn new and more demanding techniques. Some teams can qualify mid-season, but the easiest way is to start with the beginner teams. If you have a previous background in cheerleading or strong gymnastics, you can contact the competitive teams in your age group directly. 

How often are the exercises? 

Hobby teams usually have training sessions 1-2 times a week. Beginner teams train about 1-3 times a week, but for competitive teams, the number of training sessions per week is about 3-5 times a week, depending on the team. 

Where are the rehearsals held? 

Rehearsals are mainly held at the club’s own hall, Kauppi Sports Center, at Kuntokatu 17, 33520 Tampere. More information about the training locations here. 

What equipment do I need? 

For workouts, you will need comfortable sportswear and indoor shoes. To get started, e.g. Aerobics shoes, indoor shoes or even clean-soled sneakers. Later it is possible to order e.g. club windsuits, training bags, t-shirts, etc. Any performance and competition costumes are the property of the club, so you do not need to buy them yourself.