The rules of the club have been compiled in cooperation between athletes, parents and club officials. The rules of the game are in place to make it as comfortable as possible for everyone to participate in the club’s activities. 

  • Treat everyone equally, as you would like to be treated 
  • Let’s create a positive atmosphere and encourage everyone – let’s be everyone’s friends 
  • Listening to and respecting coaches, other club players and fellow athletes 
  • Respect other teams and give training peace 
  • Do not tolerate bullying and intervene in bullying situations (also on social media) 
  • Come to training with the right equipment and athlete attitude 
  • Be present at rehearsals and focus on doing – report absences in good time 
  • Let’s stop rehearsals for a joint gathering 
  • Taking care of garbage in garbage (even if it is not your own) 
  • Taking care of the club’s property as taking care of one’s own 
  • Put your outdoor shoes on the shelf in the hallway and take your belongings to the rehearsal room shelf during the exercises 
  • Let’s remember that we also represent the club on social media 
  • Remember to ask permission for images published on social media from the people in the photos 
  • Do not use drugs or tobacco or swear when representing the club and encourage athletic lifestyles 
  • Safeguarding the right to the integrity of the person for all 
  • The principles of safer space are followed in everything we do 


DTC’s current statutes were approved in February 2017.