Costs & Payments


The membership fee for spring 2024 is 20 € for all members. Exceptionally, the membership fee will only be paid for the spring season 2024. 

Everyone participating in team activities must be a member of the club. 

New enthusiasts are charged a membership fee in connection with the first season fee and old members pay the membership fee in connection with the spring season fee. 

Paying the membership fee is a prerequisite for training in the team. 


The training fee is paid twice a year. The training fees cover e.g. the rent of training facilities, the salary costs of coaches and training costs. In addition, the season fee includes the right to use the club’s costumes and equipment in competitions and performances. 

The spring season for amateur teams is between 8.1.-26.5.2024. The invoice is formed in connection with the registration for the spring season in MyClub (payment period 14 days). 

Training fees spring 2024

  • 220 € / season – Specialcats, Cubcats, Tinycats, Firecats, Silvercats 
  • 265 € / season – Shinycats, Sparklecats, Energycats, Rascals, Icecats, Aristocats 
  • 335 € / season – Kittycats, Supercats 
  • 395 € / season – Twinklecats, Powercats, Wondercats, Starcats 
  • 430 € / season – Rockcats, Predators, Dancers 

As a rule, training sessions are not organised during school holidays and possible public holidays falling on training days, unless otherwise announced by the coaches. Please note that competing groups may also have training sessions or training camps during holidays, which the coaches will inform the team in question. 

Family members living in the same household may be granted a family discount. The discount is -20% of one training fee and it is granted for the cheapest training fee. 

A multi-group discount of -20% is given for a cheaper training fee for those moving in more than one group. 

The family and multigroup discount can be applied for at If you are applying for a discount, do not register for the spring/autumn myClub event yourself. 

The training fee includes the number of guided exercises according to each team’s weekly sessions.
Cancellations of training sessions will not be compensated.